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Yankee Creek Carriage Co
Yankee Creek Carriage Co
  • Yankee Creek Carriage Co
  • Want a unique memory from your wedding
  • 420 E. Williams Rd
  • Gallatin Gateway, MT
  • (406) 600-9382
  • Costs: Wedding Transportation starts at $600 a day
  • Nothing is more magical than arriving or leaving the altar via horse-drawn carriage! This Amish-built carriage is called a buckboard and you can choose the color of the horses pulling the carriage....either black or white Percheron draft horses. You can also decide if you would like one or two horses pulling the carriage. We will transport the horses and carriage to the location of your wedding.
Cripple Creek Horse Ranch
Cripple Creek Horse Ranch
  • Cripple Creek Horse Ranch
  • 1519 Trego Road
  • Trego, MT
  • (406) 889-3674
  • Let us bring a great romantic experience to your special wedding day with our elegant Vis-à-vis carriage. In the wedding Carriage, you can be transported to the wedding in style and get the recognition you deserve. There is room for the bride’s maids to ride along for support. After the ceremony, just the two of you can have a chance to ride away in the carriage for a private time of connecting before the reception. Going in style!
  • Hanson's Carriage Co.
  • 205 Sickler Creek Rd
  • Marion, MT
  • (406) 261-6791
  • High Country Horse Drawn Carriages
  • 6350 Heavenly Ln
  • Bozeman, MT
  • (406) 586-3209
  • Virginia City Overland Stagecoach & Horseback
  • Virginia City, MT
  • (406) 595-8224